Delaware's United States District Court, its world renowned Chancery Court, and its distinguished Superior Court are often the venue for many types of civil litigations. Delaware's ethical rules require a Delaware Attorney, when acting as local counsel, to be fully involved in the case.

I will adhere to Delaware's ethical rules in this regard and offer reasonable hourly rates for my legal services (as the overhead of my boutique law office is much lower than a large firm). Furthermore, I value the team perspective in complex litigation and will contribute to the collective efforts of my fellow layers. Although my background is primarily in Delaware's U.S. District Court, I have also initiated litigation in Chancery Court and welcome opportunities to continue to practice in our renowned court of equity.

Corporate clients will be comfortable with the unique feel of my boutique law office, which houses some extraordinary pieces of art such as the museum quality bronze by the late 19th century French master sculptor, Clement Leopold Steiner (1853-1899) pictured below.


I support the responsible development of land and will only represent a party if I believe that their land use position or proposal advocates a wise use of a specific parcel of land.  I have served as counsel for developers as well as communities and parties that are adverse to a specific project.  My background of having chaired hundreds of Board of Adjustment hearings gives me a unique perspective to the land use process in Delaware.


My Office is located in the Bellefonte section of north Wilmington with hundreds of homes within walking distance. As most people will never have a call for my chosen areas of practice, I wanted to make sure that I could offer a legal service that meets the needs of the members of my local community. As everyone needs a will, my staff and I will meet with you to understand your needs that relate to your assets as well as your desires for how you would like to receive medical treatment if you are incapacitated.


My staff and I are available for daytime and evening appointments. Please contact us to schedule an time to meet you and draft a will based upon your needs.

Delaware law requires that individuals who are being paid for professional services and who are attempting to oppose or promote legislation must register with the Delaware Public Integrity Commission as a lobbyist.

 As a registered lobbyist in Delaware, I am familiar with the rules and regulations that will allow my client, and myself, to each increase the probability of achieving the desired goal.

In the scope of performing responsibilities as an attorney for my client, there are times that having both an attorney and lobbyist "hat" allows me to best serve the interests of my client.



From 1993 to 2007, I was an Assistant Public Defender in the District of Delaware. During this time, I represented more individuals accused of federal crimes in the State of Delaware than any other lawyer. My experience with the many types of federal offenses gives me a broad understanding of the federal criminal spectrum and allows me to provide you with multiple avenues of options that may not be offered by less experienced attorneys.

My unique practice provides you not only with direct personal care, but an understanding of the difficult situation that you or a loved one are experiencing. I work with an experienced investigator which gives me the advantage of being able to rapidly respond to situations, develop facts to aid any potential defense, and possibly even prevent federal criminal charges from occurring.

My federal court experiences have included various types of criminal offenses, such as a high level white collar fraud, international organized crime, trade mark infringement, complex document fraud and counterfeiting, money laundering, controlled substance offenses, national security and illegal military equipment sales, as well as mental health related types of white collar offenses (such as possession of obscene materials.)

Potential Criminal Charges Against a Corporation or Its Employees

When corporations are in the unfortunate situation of being investigated by law enforcement, I work in conjunction with in-house or retained counsel to determine the most effective way to prevent charges and to minimize potential damages. I can also represent employees of corporations during an investigative or post indictment stage. My involvement at the earliest stages of an investigation is critical in order to plot the wisest course of action.

Representation in U.S. District Courts

throughout the United States

As a member of the PA Bar, I have reciprocity with 32 states, giving me the ability to become a member of a state bar and its District Court. Alternatively, I can work in conjunction with a local lawyer who is already a member of a particular U.S. District Court.

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